The cases below represent examples of the exceptional results that 必威下载平台  has achieved in a wide range of cases over the last few years.


  • One week before a private equity fund signed a $700 million letter of intent with Clorox, 它错误地解雇了其中一个合伙人, 剥夺了他价值500万美元的附带权益.  在雇佣了一位纽约必威下载平台和一家大型国际公司之后, the partner turned to 必威下载平台 who took the case on risk and got the case to trial where, 在打开报表, the trial judge began ruling against the defendants’ positions “as a matter of law,在当天结束前达成和解. 

  • 教授. Dr. Bankole约翰逊, 世界著名的精神病学家和科学家, 拥有80多项专利, was wrongfully terminated as the CEO of his own company by a foreign investor.  必威下载平台 took over the case from a lawyer who was content to file an arbitration claim and wait the year it would take to arbitrate the claim.  After winning an emergency injunction in state court that enjoined the investor from removing any further funds, 我们请求法官要求调解, 并在30天内达成和解. 

  • Our Middle Eastern client’s former European business partner hacked his server, attempting to extort him under the threat of exposing his private financial and business information. 在客户联系后的几天内, 必威下载平台 immediately sought and obtained an emergency restraining order preventing the defendant from any further hacking, 禁止他泄露或销毁任何被黑的材料, 甚至在法庭文件中, and requiring him to turn over all of his computers to an independent forensic expert.  这个案子在限制令发布的几周内就解决了. 

  • When a Miami businessman built a nationwide business training doctors on a novel treatment for erectile dysfunction, 营销治疗方法, one of his doctor clients stole his confidential and trade secret marketing insights to develop a smaller, 更多的私人, 提供同样治疗的更便宜的方法, 威胁到他的整个生意.  We sued and obtained a preliminary injunction in federal court in Miami and settled the case within weeks thereafter.  双方现在是新业务中富有成效的业务伙伴. 

  • When the President of a prosperous and fast-growing online loan company was terminated by his brother, 控股股东, 试图剥夺他他们共同创造的价值, we filed a shareholder derivative action and settled the matter within a month.  

  • When an online marketing company’s website was taken over and closed by an angry shareholder, 我们提交了紧急禁令并在紧急听证会前解决了问题, 重新开放的网站, 和公司, 几天内的生意. 

  • 我们的客户, 美国媒体咨询, had a three-year contract to provide advertising for Shazam and stood to lose millions of dollars when Apple acquired Shazam and terminated all of its advertising contracts.  必威下载平台在迈阿密提起诉讼(尽管纽约有法庭选择条款), 同意与苹果进行调解, 并在花费大笔法律费用之前解决了这个案子.  

  • After our publicly traded client acquired a division of another publicly traded company, 它发现某些财务陈述具有欺骗性, 造成公司重大损失,严重影响公司股价的. 在特拉华州衡平法院, up against five partners from Wachtel Lipton (charging a total of $7500 per hour), 必威下载平台通过谈判达成了一项有利的保密和解协议. 

  • Three years after a financial services company was acquired by a major credit card processing company, 那位首席执行官被错误地解雇了,他的薪水被剥夺了, 奖金, 以及对公司的了解,他保留了50%的股份. 诉讼已经开始,价值三千万美元, AXS定律宣布了“卖方加速事件”,迫使进行评估, and orchestrated a high-stakes mediation that resulted in a settlement within six months of the commencement of litigation. 

  • A local Wynwood-based technology company had its website hijacked by a disgruntled shareholder, 基本上关闭了公司的所有商业运作. 必威下载平台 worked throughout the night and filed an emergency motion the next morning. 在紧急听证会之前, the disgruntled shareholder agreed to release the website and settle all disputes including his departure from the company.  

  • When the shareholders in one of Miami’s most famous retailers were heading towards litigation, we developed a strategy to implement the buy-sell provision in the shareholder’s agreement.  The crux of the strategy was to induce the other shareholder to make a lowball offer, which was then turned against that shareholder to gain complete control of the company.  

  • The chief architect and 40% owner of a cutting-edge software company in the healthcare industry faced a frivolous suit – and a motion for an emergency injunction –  by his fellow shareholders accusing him of stealing trade secrets in a thinly veiled attempt to take his shares.  在紧急听证会的开庭陈述中, we emphasized the frivolity of the proceeding by stressing that the other shareholders had not even reached out to discuss the matter before filing, resulting in the end of the hearing and an instruction to the parties to discuss the issues, 导致动议被有效撤回.  

  • 当一个著名的国际商人性骚扰了一个人, 但有两个, 他的员工, 我们准备了诉讼,但没有立即提起诉讼。.  Instead, we delivered it through a former FBI agent, and immediately opened settlement discussions.  At a formal mediation we presented a 20 minute video – “60 Minutes” style – depicting the glamorous life of the businessman and his famous friends and the holistic brand image he had built, and contrasted that with the tearful stories of the young women he had harassed.  这个案子在几周内就了结了.  

  • When the CEO of a public company was threatened with a frivolous claim for sexual harassment, 我们准备了一份勒索的反诉, 把它寄给潜在的原告, 并在几周内私下解决了这件事. 

  • When a local university used the image of a prominent black female professor to market to black females without her permission we prepared a complaint and again settled the matter within weeks without having to file publicly.